Course Delivery

All modules are delivered online on a weekly basis, Saturday through Friday. Each week’s class starts on a Saturday, with all materials available online, including lectures, readings, discussion groups and practical assignments. Saturday through Thursday participants can work at their own pace.

The class week wraps up the following Friday with a scheduled, live Webinar with the instructor in which the week’s lessons are discussed in a face-to-face situation, including questions, discussions and other applications of the concepts. All participants in a class can participate in the discussion.

Course materials

The course includes text books, readings and case assignments. All materials are included in the price of the course. This course consists of 48 contact hours in four modules.

Course offerings

Spring 2019
Module I-Technology Assessment
February 9 - March 8, 2019

Module II- Technology Marketing & Strategy
March 16 - April 12, 2019

Module III - Technology Venture Management
April 20 - May 17, 2019

Module IV - Technology Venture Financing
May 25 - June 21, 2019

       Fall 2019
       Module I-Technology Assessment
       August 12 – September 8, 2019

       Module II- Technology Marketing & Strategy
       September 9 - October 6, 2019

       Module III - Technology Venture Management
       October 7 - November 3, 2019

      Module IV - Technology Venture Financing
      November 4 - December 8, 2019


Course pricing

$675 per module on an individual basis
$2295 for all four modules (save 15% over the individual module price)

Special pricing is available for multiple participants from the same entity.
Special pricing is available for SBDC consultants and other government agencies.

Classes limited to 20 participants.

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