Classes now forming! All courses are now self-paced! 

Idea to Market™: A course in Technology Commercialization is a certification course in technology commercialization. It is designed for individual or corporate entrepreneurs, technology transfer consultants, scientists and engineers who want to learn how to take disruptive or innovative ideas from the lab to market, and in the process create new wealth and value by filling a perceived need. This course consists of 48 contact hours in four modules.

The course provides a solid foundation in the key elements of technology commercialization from idea to market. Concepts covered include

  • Evaluating commercial potential
  • Identifying desirable target markets and segments
  • Managing high-tech ventures
  • Leading new ventures towards licensing, startups or spin-outs.

The program covers the key aspects of commercializing technologies, and provides the strategic foundation for planning the best route to commercialization—whether it is the market for ideas (licensing), the market for products (start-ups), or a combination of strategies—in order to achieve the best return on your investment in research, intellectual property, and effort in developing that new technology.

The program is composed of four courses:

Course I. Technology Assessment
Course II. Technology Marketing and Strategy
Course III. Technology Venture Management
Course IV. Technology Venture Finance and Business Development

Each module addresses the unique aspects of creating a successful venture based on either disruptive or continuous technology-based innovations, including how to select the best strategies to get the most value for these technologies.

At the completion of the course, there is an optional assessment which can earn you a Certificate from the Institute of Technology Commercialization. In some cases, depending on where the course is taken, a sponsoring SBDC or university will offer a certificate, as well.

Individual courses now available! 

Course I--Technology Assessment, is available as a stand-alone class. As the cornerstone of the course, Technology Assessment allows you learn all about evaluating the commercial and market potential of an idea, and determining the "go/no-go" decision.

We realize that the time commitment for the entire course can be daunting for some people, so we've made Module I available as a standalone course for those that just need or want the evaluation component. Once Course I is completed, you can take any of the other three courses whenever they are offered, and still earn The Certificate in Technology Commercialization. Plus, you get the other three courses at a discounted rate. You still have to take the courses in order, but they are offered throughout a year for maximum flexibility. Doing individual modules means that entire certificate would take two years to complete, as opposed to the four months of the single course.